About Us

CELCO was established over 35 years ago by one of our industry’s first leaders, Carol Enters, who founded the company to handle list brokerage and list management services for the non-profit community which today still represents 100% of our business.

Barbara Sims purchased the company in 2001 and is the primary owner, with a minority share owned by Dottie Simmons Parham, a Vice President at CELCO.  There are no other outside stockholders.

Since the purchase in 2001, CELCO has grown and acquired many diverse non-profit partners, while establishing a reputation for delivering superior service based on deep fundraising expertise.

Our staff of dedicated professionals has over 100 years of combined direct marketing experience. Because of our many years of working with a wide spectrum of non-profit groups and their agencies, we understand the role that acquisition plays in overall fundraising programs.  We are committed to leading the way as we test new technologies, identify and act on trends and opportunities, and make certain that we meet your goals.

Our brokers and managers have vast experience, and our support staff has been trained to learn issues beyond the basics of lists.  We are not simply your list source, but are studied and proficient in:  marketing trends, analysis, fundraising development, modeling, merge purge, direct mail production, taxes, postal rates and privacy and other issues affecting all mailers.

We are dedicated to client and staff success.  We carefully monitor our staffing to ensure the right mix and talented people are in place to achieve the best possible workplace, service and products.

We are conveniently located in Fairfax Virginia, just 20 minutes away from Washington DC.

We are full members of: