Kelly Leech


Kelly joined CELCO in 2007 as an Account Executive and was promoted to Managing Account Executive in 2010.  In this capacity she managed the clearing, ordering, and deliveries that her staff handled for all of our clients.

In 2012, Kelly joined the Chapman, Cubine, Adams and Hussey (CCAH) fundraising agency where she worked as a List Planner in their acquisition department.  She worked closely on the analysis and planning of a variety of client programs, including Project Hope, League of Conservation Voters and the Democratic National Committee.

Happily, she returned to CELCO in 2013 as a List Broker working now with many of our relief and human rights partners, including Amnesty International, Center for Victims of Torture, Global Fund for Women and American Jewish World Service. In 2018 Kelly was promoted to Vice President. In 2024 she and Andrew Giffen purchased the company when Barbara Sims retired.

Kelly is a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.