List Management

List management is important to the organization on many levels, affecting list rental income potential, exchange relationships and other factors that impact the acquisition program as a whole.

List Rental

Income from this program is an important part of our mission.  We need to be able to maximize the income while protecting our clients’ core exchange relationships. We aggressively market our clients’ files through appropriate and responsive channels, to provide ongoing strategies for optimizing list rental revenue by expanding the number of tests and volume of continuations, and to continue researching and testing additional markets where our clients’ list can be used.

List Exchange

This process is critically important, exchanging with our clients’ best performing lists will keep list costs low.  This in turn enhances the entire mail program.

An aggressive stance with management creates the best program: strict control of house block out dates and number of uses, offering enhanced selection criteria, test price negotiations and maximizing efficiency on all orders are our goals.

List Management Duties

Our standard duties include:

  • Market and promote lists;
  • Advise clients of list management strategies that will enhance their list rental income as well as their donor acquisition program;
  • Create, update and maintain our clients datacards;
  • Negotiate rental and exchange orders from outside mailers;
  • Place approved rental and exchange orders with the client’s designated fulfillment service provider, and help manage the list fulfillment process;
  • Conduct credit checks to determine the credit worthiness of all mailers requesting use of the file;
  • Invoice rental list orders to the users and collect money due on invoices and overdue accounts;
  • Maintain a calendar for tracking clearance requests and order activity on each clients’ file;
  • Maintain accurate and timely exchange balances between the client and other mailers’ lists; and
  • Send monthly payment check to our client accompanied by reports on all file activity.

We understand that organizations have different needs for tracking, accounting etc., and we are happy to work with our clients to find the best solutions for their needs.

We have a very aggressive and well-orchestrated List Management division. Our processes are in place to help streamline the list management process as well as run at its maximum efficiency.