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Democratic, Environmental & Women’s Advocacy Contributors


List Brokerage

We are working harder than ever to offer our clients superior list services. CELCO staff possess the knowledge and tools to offer our clients the value-added services necessary to augment their programs such as results analysis, market comparisons, budget planning, prospect and house modeling, merge management, merge optimization and more!

List Management

List management is important to an organization on many levels, affecting list rental income potential, exchange relationships and other factors that impact the acquisition program as a whole. CELCO has a very aggressive and well-orchestrated List Management division, with processes in place to streamline the list management process and maximize its efficiency.

Insightful Solutions

Leveraging the breadth of the CELCO client base, we can benchmark your acquisition program against our set based on sector, mail volume, campaign frequency and seasonality, putting your performance into context. But that’s not all! Our capabilities go beyond just lists–we can complement your team’s efforts with a variety of investment, business intelligence, process and data solutions.

Information you can use

CELCO Managed Files

Looking for a list? CELCO has something for everyone – Advocacy, Animals, Environmental, Health, Relief, Seniors and more – take a peek at our CELCO managed files and let us know what we can do for you!

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Customized Mail Plans

All of our mail plans are custom designed and created to meet and address client organizational needs. We are happy to accommodate any preferred format and will work with clients on any enhancements we might create together.

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